Pillars ace Haun regrets Albania ordeal

Pillars ace Haun regrets Albania ordeal

Pillars winger John Haun has admitted he made a big mistake when he moved to Albania in search of a pro contract recently.

Kano Pillars spokesman Idris Malikawa told MTNFootball.com that Haun has rejoined the team after almost six months in Albania.

He further disclosed that a committee was set up by the club to grill the player after he overstayed the two weeks granted him by the club to undergo trials in Albania.

“He told the committee that he made a big mistake by ever trying to seek a deal in Albania because it is a very corrupt country, worse than Nigeria, and he was exploited by the agent who tried to broker a deal for him there,” Malikawa said.

“He said he could not return to the country earlier because the club he went to held back his return ticket.

“He said based on his ordeal in Albania, he would advise Nigerian players not to venture to that country.”

Pillars coach Baba Ganaru has since welcomed the player back to the fold and he could now play his comeback game against Heartland in Owerri Wednesday.


2 Responses to Pillars ace Haun regrets Albania ordeal

  1. Baba buhari nasir says:

    me as a kano pillers fans, i want the club to charge him some amount and suspend him then never pay him salary for five month.( because is corrupt player ) and that regret he said i useles ,because as went there if say he got the club he will not mention that .if the club do that not only him other players they will not do that again.(insha allah we are the champion this year )thanks…Baba buhari nasir.

  2. Bala Ibrahim says:

    Ina yiwa kano pillar fatan alkairi 2013

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